Big Sky Carvers Forest Nativity Gift Bearers S/3

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  • The Bearfoots Holiday Collection features lovable, fun-loving fellows come to life at the hand of renowned woodcarver Jeff Fleming. The iconic Bearfoots characters are widely recognized and these charming ornamental seasonal pieces take them to a new, joyful place.
  • In this unique piece, we feel the giving spirit of Christmas as it is celebrated with cute and jovial forest animals, including a beaver, a squirrel and raccoon. All bearing gifts to lift the holiday spirit.
  • While Bearfoots figurines are carved specially to spread joy throughout the year, these holiday-themes characters and scenes are a meaningful gift for the outdoors-enthusiast in your life, or for anyone who appreciates some light-hearted Christmas cheer.
  • Hand-Cast, 1.25"W x 2.25"W.
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